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Evolving & reconnecting with your true self of endless potential.

IDRIS is born from life’s quest of evolving into ones highest self, while finding back to our souls purest form. The aim to release oneself from negative egoic attachments, from the hurt which is holding us back, for the purpose of inviting joy, lightness, peace and harmony in one’s life and home. For this is our true nature. Our souls aren’t attached to anything except source. They radiate peace and light.

The growth Spiral

Both: Going inwards & outwards

Understanding the subconscious Mind to heal ourselves 

Unresolved issues, experienced in our life’s will, more often than not, influence our health, resilience, relationships and success later on. Our subconscious mind manages complex mental processes, affecting our thoughts, emotions and behaviours. The way we conduct ourselves is determined by those stored emotional data and memory, such as our traumas and hurts, our fears, anxieties and insecurities, our mistakes and remorse. Leading us to feel easily overwhelmed, experiencing insomnia, developing chronic physical pain or diseases. Up to the time of addressing certain feelings we might find ourselves acting with the energy of pain. Consequently holding us back from our actual potential along with the peace we could experience within ourselves and our relationships. Presenting a thread to the harmony of many homes and families.

Are you ready to set yourself free from the aftermath of life's trials and tribulations and step into a more purposeful future?

Art as a Medium to another Dimension

IDRIS art is a portal to inner peace, inviting you to transcend the tangible and dive into a realm of endless possibilities. It is a reminder of stillness and harmony within oneself and one’s home.

Just like everything else in creation, art spins and vibrates, it has its own prime resonance frequency. Therefore our art is solely made out of good energy and intention in a high vibrational state.

A Journey to Self & the Gift of peace at its Core

IDRIS art is an experience, the beauty you see in our art is a reflection of yourself, the lightness your mind seeks lies in the wander, as your thoughts get lost with the paint strokes. They will come back home to you, carrying harmonious gifts they collected along their journey of unfolding and letting go. Ultimately guiding you back to your pure self. A being of love, peace and lightness. Initiating your state of true equilibrium.

Our art is about you. It can transform every state of your being, or it can be senseless. It will certainly change the one who is ready. However it goes is up to you.

Speaking out of own Experiences

“I’ve been there. I got sick out of the blue and was diagnosed with an incurable, rare autoimmune disease, followed by accompanying diseases. I suffered severe pain and witnessed my immune system seeing my own organs as the enemy, leading to self destruction eventually. That was back in 2016.  A year I was very thankful for as I got to know my strength and determination to heal. Disease has brought me on a journey to self discovery. Getting to know the human body, its functions, learning about food, nutrition and the healing aids we find in nature, about frequencies, about (positive) psychology, the mind-body-connection, how to regulate stress, mindful practices, meditation and coming to the conclusion that disconnection is the incubator for disease, helped me to transform my life tremendously. It lead me to healing after six years of being told to learn how to live with illness.“

Founder & Artist, Nina Davis 

A Note from the Founder & Artist Nina Davis.

An Invitation to Realms of endless Possibilities

I am convinced of the healing powers art can have on our mind, body and soul. My paintings, made with the intention to heal and to give insight, are supporting this belief, while holding the whole universe inside them to be unveiled by the beholder. They are opening realms of endless possibilities as the tangible and mystery intertwine with the discovery of the duality of the conscious and unconscious.

The journey to healing made me realize how unlimited we truly are, while everything self-thought along the way, combined with an educational background in psychology, have deeply influenced my artistic process, allowing continuous explorations of the complexities and depths within the human experience to transform, not only my life, but for the IDRIS community as well. 

Turning all of this into a shared experience, fills my heart with joy. I built IDRIS with the purpose to encourage people to take a further step towards change, healing and doing better. Ultimately living a fulfilled life with their families and continuing to spread love to everybody they encounter. 

The name IDRIS is inspired by one of my life's teachers, to whom I will forever be grateful. Through this, his teachings will transform the life's of many others- the ripple effect of goodness.