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How the Art is made

A mothers Concern

“As any artist who fell in love with oil painting, imagining any other way of painting detailed objects than using oil color was foreign to me. When I became a mom, I made the decision to only use mediums without fumes or toxic ingredients in it, since I couldn’t compromise the health of my baby. I used oil sticks and pastel chalk but in no way was it a substitute for oil colors and what you could do with them. As a very traditional artist I dreaded digital art. Simultaneously I felt a sense of loss for the reason of not living my passion. That was up until I gave digital art a chance. It took me a lot of practice to get the same results I used to get with paint brushes on canvas simultaneously I was surprised by the joy I felt by being challenged to practice my craft in another way. Now I am proud of my progress and can’t wait to get back to my iPad to continue painting.“

Founder & Artist, Nina Davis 

Grounding prior painting Session, always.

Harnessing the healing Powers of Frequencies

We can attribute the influences of sound and frequency to scientific wonders we experience as a stimulation of vibrational patterns within our bodies and energy fields. It doesn’t limit itself to an auditory experience but has a subtle yet profound impact on our lives by changing our physiological wellbeing as they can even impact mitochondria, the energetic heart of our cells. Scientists have found out that they can be the cause of regulated stress, leading to relaxation and cellular regeneration. Furthermore they are able to change our brainwaves from alpha waves to energizing gamma waves- if you listen to solfeggio frequencies for instance. 

Solfeggio Frequencies

Solfeggio frequencies are the superior class of frequencies as their mental, emotional and physical effects on us, surpass the ability of other sound waves as they resonate in harmony with the Schumann resonance of 7.86 Hz to 8 Hz. The Schumann resonance are electromagnetic products of lightening, they exist between the earths surface and ionosphere - earths electromagnetic charged shell. There is a connection to our brain activity, considering that they match five levels of human natural brain wave states- delta, theta, alpha, beta, gamma- supporting the synchronization to higher brain functions.

The high energetic starting Point

We believe that the state in which you create art matters. Our art is intended to bring light and shift negativity into positivity. It carries the high radiating energy of the sun and all of natures elements we source in ibiza. It shall illuminate and remind of our own true nature, being an anchor of peace in our homes while we are caught up in our day to day lives. Something we can come back to, so we can re-center ourselves again.

With that being said, we are very aware of the energetic state we are in while creating a new painting. We can confidently share our art as positive cues for our community. Positive cues are signals that remind our brains of thoughts or emotional and behavioral states we want to evoke in our lives. Cues happen naturally but can also be deliberately chosen to shift our mental state. It is a choice to change and archive a certain goal.

Some cues our art can trigger:


Self-compassion on a journey of self discovery










Life force 


Healthy living