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Science & Philosophy meet Art

A Road to self-healing

By Taking a cross-disciplinary approach on art, neuroscience and metaphysics- while taking quantum physics into account- we define our holistic perspective on growing and healing regarding the coexistence of the mind, body and soul, acknowledging the healing powers within the realms of art, nature, the human mind and spirit.

We want you to experience the enlivening of your senses in the best way possible.

NeuroArts & Aesthetics

A happier and healthier Life through Art

NeuroArts is the discovery of the quantifiable alteration, art and aesthetics have on our brain, body and behavior. Scientists found that by experiencing art, neural circuitry (population of neurons interconnected by synapses) are rewired, while new pathways are being created through the activity of neuroplasticity. Wether spectator or creator- becoming one with a painting, activates all your senses, while a synergy of sensations as light, touch, taste, sound and smell ignite a beautiful firework of brain waves. Flickering neurotransmitters enlighten billion sequences of change, which form our emotions, behavior and the way we think. Reframing art as a transformational starting gate with the ability to enhance health, creativity, innovation, learning, memory, the quality of our relationships and life itself. 

Our goal is the trancendance to a heathy, happy and harmonious living through art.

Why we perceive our world from a metaphysical perspective

In modern philosophical terminology, metaphysics depict the idea of perception outside of the tangible realm, beyond material reality. Our art, acting as a potential entrance to the unknown, seeks to bring your endless potential forth. Only if you think outside the box and set yourself free from any limitations, you will be able to archive milestones, you thought you could never reach. Just imagine where this route may take you.

Science is catching up

Metaphysics and quantum physics both inspect our surrounding world on scholarly level but with two different approaches as they stem from contrasting disciplines. Metaphysics is the founding stone of subsequent philosophy while quantum physics, the study of small matter that makes up energy faces the difficulty of observing its unpredictable behavior and movement since quanta has both, characteristics of waves and particles. 

Connecting the Dots

Quantum physics aims to understand the foundation of nature by studying matter and energy at its core in order to explain how everything in our universe works. It demystifies what goes beyond our perceptions by investigating the connection between gravity, space and time. It even takes higher and multiple-dimensions into consideration. A metaphysical perspective.

In order to understand how everything in our universe works, scientists have to combine quantum physics and mechanics. Mathematics play an essential role here to serve tangible evidence and to help explore quantum objects and phenomena, due to its abstract nature and its strangeness to the law of physics we know of. That’s where wave functions and frequencies come in.

This field is called quantum mechanics and it gives us the evidence of the ways, wave frequencies can be altered. Additionally it supports the believe of changing thought by shifting your perception and response - as thoughts consists of vibrational waves, just like everything else. With that it demonstrates the validity and significance positive psychology. Something we will dive deeper into, along our journey.