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An Ode to all Elements

I believe everybody longes for closeness to nature, even if some are not aware of it. Moving from an urban city to the midst of nature has been what my heart and body ached for and I will be forever grateful for the gifts I found and will keep with me forever. 

Feeling the fertile red soil beneath bare feet, breathing in the salty ocean breeze, hiking in wild spaces on an island covered with green pines, calmness by the glimpse of the blue sea, feeling the hot orange sun on my skin, self-discovery, true healing, enjoying the solitude and closeness with my family. A new beginning. That’s Ibiza for me. The electromagnetic frequency of nature and being synchronized to its energy. Where we connect with nature and begun our journey with IDRIS.

Currently we are working between Ibiza and Hamburg, Germany. A rather gloomy antonym of the constant sun in Ibiza. But something has shifted. The dark days don’t shake my spirit anymore.

A Breeze of natures Elements into your Home

There is something about choosing the right artwork for your home, to convey the feelings you want to evoke, to discover which painting speaks to you the most and livens up your spirit. Then noticing an ongoing feeling of warm contentment day in and day out. 


Every morning I wake up I am delighted by the art I see on my walls, they bring lightness and mystery at once, radiating the essence of peace and harmony. Giving opportunities to sit still and connect, whether you let your thought wonder or enjoy being in the present moment.