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The Science behind the Serenity

Holistic Artwork for your Mental, Physical and Spiritual Well-being.

Find calmness for a wandering mind and healing for a body in distress, through IDRIS IBIZA nature art.

The Journey to a healed You

Our ancestors, the indigenous people all over the world have been aware of the fact that we humans are one with nature. If we are taken away from the land- the life force which nourishes our mind, body and soul- we lose something deep entangled with our spirit. Modern science like environmental psychology is just catching up: Our bond with nature, or the lack thereof, can have an intense influence on our mental and physical health. 

Green Spaces are healing Spaces.

If you need peace of mind, where do you go? If you want to find clarity and to recharge your energy, what do you think of? If one of your answers includes a longing for nature, you are most likely guided by your intuition, nudging you to your roots. We are electromagnetic beings and we need the connectedness to nature in order to strive and live a balanced life, as it is the purest pathway to inner peace. 

I believe most of us would love to spend more time with nature. Especially living in the city where we are cut off from the natural land. Compared to people living in natural areas, people in urban areas are more prone to develop mental health and mood disorders as well as depression and anxiety. The reasons aren’t clear but you can make up your own mind. 

How free do you feel when you breathe in the fresh forest Air? 

Trees release phytoncides which encourage healthy biological changes, when inhaled. Just like in aromatherapy. Scientists have proven data of the changes in blood, showing increased cancer fighting cells, immunity and lowered blood pressure. Modern studies underline the relief of heart diseases, depression, cancer, sadness, tension, anxiety and attention disorders, such as ADHD due to nature. 

But that’s not the only way we can benefit from green spaces. Scientists have proven that nature artworks and imagery are just as good to trigger our brains relaxation’s responses, creating positive emotions, an improved attention span and overall well-being, while lowering cortisol levels. By looking at a beautiful painting, the blood flow levels of the test persons increased by 10% to the amygdala- the part of our brain responding to joy- resembling the reaction we have when we are looking at a loved one. The right kind of painting will have a profound physiological impact on our brains. 

We at IDRIS IBIZA recognize the significance of creating environments, sending mental cues for healing, rejuvenation and balance, supporting harmony and the intention for change within oneself.