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Connecting with Mother Earth 
Spending time in nature and connecting with the earth is a huge part of our practice. We are provided with endless gifts in nature and aim to live in beautiful coexistence rather than contributing to further damage on our planet.
Being like rain and leaving the places we encounter cleaner than before has been our philosophy since her early years - for ourselves, for our children, for future generations, every being and for earth.
We stand behind our ethos of conscious consumption and production. Reducing environment impact and not contributing to more waste in land-fields is one our core values. Every artwork is made to order so we can minimize material consumption and waste generation.
Through partnerships and c ollaboration with 130 production centers and small business owners in six continents, with over thirty countries with local production we can cut carbon emissions per order by over 80%. You will benefit from faster delivery and the relief of reducing our environmental footprint. 
The package you will receive will be out of recycled content while the artwork supports zero deforestation and is printed on Forest Stewardship Council certified paper. We also use FSC certified wood in our frames and canvas stretcher bars, if in some cases unavailable PEFC or equivalent is being sourced. We are here to empower you to make sustainable choices and help our planet.